Dark Circle Eye Cream by Zax Healthcare

I was fortunate to be selected for Social Nature Dark Circle Eye Cream by Zax Healthcare campaign - to try the product for free in exchange for my honest opinion. Received the product 2 weeks ago. Eye cream is locally made (Canada) with natural ingredients and developed by pharmacists, that is already a handful o f reasons to love it. 
I have used eye creams before but this was the first one with actual and certain purpose and promise. That made me more excited to try the product and see what and if it performs miracles.

I should start with little intro about my eye skin situation/condition. I have very light dark circles, not too much puffiness under my eye, but it's there, and we all know how it is, you will see it, even if others won't. I also have some fine lines and signs of few wrinkles. Area under my eyes does look "tired" and I might blame motherhood or time flying by way too quickly. All the signs are still pretty mild and if not for this campaign I would have probably continue to use just a regular eye cream as I don't find my eye skin to be screaming for help yet. But then again it can be too late, when it's too late. Finding and choosing the right product early is very important. 

I started to use cream 2 weeks ago and before I did that, I researched proper way off applying cream, just because I wanted to do everything properly :) Very little amount of product and way of applying it, is equally important as contents of miracle cream. 
This was a new discovery for me. It's been also recommended to apply in circulate motion.
Picture before starting to use the product. 

Product comes into a box and tube that remind a lot of medicinal product. Cream's texture is between thin and thick, its not runny and its not oily nor thick, cream feels great on skin, easy to apply, does have a very light scent that smells more medicinal rather than perfume scented cosmetic product, I have to say I could barely smell anything. I have sensitive skin, this product didn't irritate it thought. You need to use a very little of it and that's great because that way cream is going to last awhile. And that's what we all want, make our money worth it. 

I applied Dark Circle Eye Cream as instructed - twice a day, on a clean skin. It absorbed really quickly. Shortly after use, I could feel how smooth and soft my skin felt in areas where the product was applied. After using it for this short period of time, my eyes look less tired.
Here is what product promises:
[This product helps your eyes look their best so you can look refreshed and youthful. Made with top quality cucumber extract, caffeine, witch hazel and niacinamide, this cream will help minimize dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. It will also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!]
I can't tell if and how product works when used on more severe cases, but in my situation it is seems to be working. And I haven't been using it for that long. My lines are less visible, they haven't disappeared but they also don't pop out, I don't have that tired eye look, I had prior using the product. For full effect I'm sure one needs to keep using product and probably more visual results will accrue after longer time of using eye cream. But I'm satisfied about the result so far. These are pictures after using Dark Circle Eye Cream by Zax Healthcare for 2 weeks twice a day (morning and evening).

It's too early to make a decision about (re)purchasing the product but I will definitely let my friends know about my experience and will encourage to give it a try. 
I don't have a bit of negative experience with the product, it's actually quite opposite. I love locally made products and love and try to support them. 


Organic Matcha Green Tea update

I wanted to give you guys a little update on my Matcha usage. Without a doubt I can tell you now, that I love the product!
Matcha green tea latte now is my morning drink and I'm happy about the even energy I have all day long. Not only it tastes great, does great things, it is also easy to make and has a fancy sound to it. Now when I invite my friends over, besides coffee, I also offer regular or skim milk Matcha green tea latte :)) 

Preparation instructions in the end of the post.

I have also tried to make delicious energy cookies :)Its so easy to use the powder and you really need very little amount of product as its so concentrated.

I will post recipe in the end of this post. I have to mention, my cookies looked nothing like picture from the recipe I used, but they tastes amazing! 

I know for a fact that I will repurchase this product in future. It's a great energy and metabolism booster and works as a detox too. These facts have proven themselves to me.

1tsp Matcha
1/3cup of warm-hot, but not boiling, water
8oz warm-hot milk, soy milk or almond milk (don't boil the milk)
Optional: 1tsp honey or sugar substitute
Whisk Matcha powder and water together until tea is dissolved. Stir in sweetener (if desired). Add warm milk to the top of the drink, filling the cup. If you have a milk frother, froth the warm milk first, then pour.

3/4cups fine sugar
1tsp vanilla extract
5 1/2cups flour
1 1/2cup butter
2tbsp matcha
3/4cup powdered sugar
Preheat oven to 350F. In a large bowl cream together butter, fine sugar, water and Matcha. Add vanilla extract and eggs (one at a time). Slowly add in flour to wet mixture until combined. Chill dough for 10min. Make desired shape cookies and bake 10 to 12minutes or until cookies are set. Let them cool before dust with powdered sugar. 


Organic Matcha- Green Tea Powder by Kiss Me Organics

Matcha is a magical product, with a lot of history and traditions behind it. It wont be this posts subject but I recommend to read a little about it's history and traditional preparation as it's really entertaining and interesting. Thank you Japan for introducing us with it!

I've heard about Matcha green tea long time ago, but I have never tried it. So when I was approved for product review campaign I got very excited (I received free or discounted product in exchange for providing an unbiased review). Matcha green tea has so many beneficial qualities to it, for example:
  • Is packed with antioxidantsincluding the powerful EGCg
  • Boosts metabolism and burns calories
  • Detoxifies effectively and naturally
  • Calms and relaxes
  • Enhances mood and aids in concentration
  • Provides vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium
  • Fights against viruses and bacteria
  • Is rich in fiber
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar
  • Does not raise insulin levels
It's like a magic powder. I'm a new mom and coffee is my best friend, as Matcha green tea promises to give you all day energy, to increase focus, to give metabolisms boost (and those are only few miracles it does) I was even more excited to put it all to test.
I was also pleasantly surprised how many different ways are there to use the organic matcha powder, I never knew you can cook with it (culinary grade matcha), in my head it was always green tea, how wrong was I!

After ordering the product from Amazon.ca you get access to free recipe book, recipes are very easy to do, no unknown, nor mystery product, I loved it! Because sometimes you get recipes that are so hard to do at home and you end up stuck with boring product use.

I've been using it only few days now, so it's impossible to see/feel all the promised benefits, but I can tell you, it actually gives you promised energy and focus. I substituted my morning coffee with organic matcha latte and for huge coffee addict as myself it was challenging :) but it did a great job.
With coffee there are days I would have to drink few cups during the day to keep going, I found that matcha keeps my energy level even, I don't crush like I sometimes do with coffee and that's amazing, plus knowing all the heath benefits, it makes me super happy!
I have to admit I'm very satisfied with the product, I am excited to try as many different recipes I can, to take advantage of variety of use it offers and I am more excited I want to see how it will benefit me in longer period of time. I'll keep you posted with progress on my research :)

Let's take care of our bodies by taking advantage of green tea's offered benefits!

Stay tuned for updates!