Wine Aerator

Who is going to disagree with this genius man.. 

I love wine so I got pretty excited when I had a chance to try wine aerator via Tomoson review site. This particular one comes from Bar Brat. I had my first interaction with the brand when I reviewed their other product few months ago. I wasn't disappointed then, nor am I disappointed now.

wine aerator is a small, in-bottle, hand-held pour-through or decanter top device for aerating wine. These devices mix air into the wine as it flows through or over, increasing exposure to oxygen and causing aeration. They offer an alternative to swirling and traditional decanting (i.e. to wait for wine to breathe)*.

I tried it on several different wines, mostly cheaper and more sour ones and it hands down worked. Wine tastes much smoother and actually much more enjoyable. 
It is super easy to use, just put it on your opened bottle and pour. That's it! Really! No extra wait time, nothing. Just pour and enjoy. 
I highly recommend to try it and see or I should say- taste the miracle happen.

Click here if you want to read more reviews from people that have tried it or to purchase it for your own discoveries. It's on sale right now, so don't miss out on an amazing deal but even if you do miss out on promotion, this product at full price will still coast you less than most of other wine aerators in the market.

- "Wine is sunlight held together by water.." /Galileo Gallilei/ -

*via Wikipedia