Roll The Pain Away

Foam Roller! I bet at this point a lot of you have heard about this amazing fitness tool. Foam rollers are the latest hit and not without a reason.

Foam rolling is self- myofascial release technique that is used by athletes and physical therapist to inhibit overactive muscles. This form of stretching utilizes the concept of autogenic inhibition to improve soft tissue extensibility, thus relaxing the muscle and allowing the activation of the antagonist muscle. 
This technique can be effective for many muscles and it is accomplished by rolling the foam roller under each muscle group until a tender area is found, and maintaining pressure on the tender areas (know as trigger points) for 30 to 60 seconds.*

This is how "Master Of Muscle" introduces with their product - Muscle Mauler Foam Roller:
  • WORRY FREE TRAINING - DESIGNED SO YOU CAN GO HARDER FOR LONGER: Releases toxins in the muscles pre-workout so you can drive yourself harder and post workout speeds recovery to improve your performance. Also ideal for Sports Injury PREVENTION as well as REHABILITATION
  • PERFECT FOR SELF MYOFASCIAL RELEASE FOR ALL SPORTS ENTHUSIASTS: Crossfit, Pilates, Bodybuilding, Rugby, Boxing, Running, Weight Training, Yoga and Sports Beginners
  • ORDER NOW! WORRY FREE! We offer a BETTER than money back guarantee, if there is an issue with your product for any reason we will REFUND you and SEND YOU A NEW ONE.
  • ADVANCED DUAL POINT DESIGN TO BE YOUR OWN PERSONAL MASSAGE THERAPIST - Dual Trigger-Matrix Pressure Zones let YOU control the pressure and action. Provides muscle soreness relief where you need it most including all key areas such as Lower and Upper Back, Neck, Knee, ITB, Quads, Hamstrings, Delts, and Shoulders
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: The hollow core and only 13 inches in length ensures it fits easily into any gym bag or travel case- ensuring you get your massage in any time, anywhere

If your training hard or not, foam roller is a healthy and happy life tool. Not only it will ease muscle recovery after workouts, it will help you with other muscle tightness related pain.
Master Of Muscle will send you the manual of how to use the roller properly, how to use it to ease the different pain you're facing and basically all the information you will even need for successful and effective foam rolling.

I've been doing boot-camp for quite some time now. For those who doesn't know it, it's a high intensity workout, targeting practically all your muscle groups. My trainer has been using foam roller for a good while now and she wouldn't stop talking and recommending it to us. So when I was approved for Tomoson.com Muscle Mauler campaign I was really excited to try this miracle product on my own.

I brought my Muscle Mauler to the workout and my trainer loved it! She admitted this one to be more effective compared to the one she's using. Mostly because of the texture Muscle Mauler has, giving better pressure and result.
I'm loving it too. It takes little time to get use to the pressure, it won't be very pleasant, but your muscles will say thank you after. I'm using it after my workout and after jogging. And without a doubt I can say, it makes recovery so much easier.

I have often knee pains, so IT band exercise is in my Top3, along with glutes and calves exercises.

Just an example of instruction you will get along with your Muscle Mauler foam roller.

Just an example of instruction you will get along with your Muscle Mauler foam roller.

There are a lot of great videos available on youtube that will show you the best exercise for each muscle group. I also found few great apps that can help you during your foam rolling journey.
I want to say, don't hesitate to contact "Master Of Muscle" as they are committed to show you how to reach the best results using amazing Muscle Mauler.

Let me know what are your thought about foam rolling. I would love to hear your experience with it.

P.S. If you don't have one yet, don't wait too long and take advantage of this amazing 20% off discount code towards any Master Of Muscle product, I of course recommend to use it towards Muscle Mauler Foam Roller!
Just enter the following coupon code at checkout: K2J3VTJ4 roll that muscle pain away!

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* this information was taken from Wikipedia


Vichy Works For Me

Don't we all know the feeling of running short on those hours per day? There are things that have to be done and life that has to be lived. Mr. Time doesn't care too much and then comes the morning with very tired face. Sounds familiar?
Vichy has a solution for us with those busy schedules and lifestyles.

New Idéalia Skin Sleep is especially designed for women whose nights have been cut short, and who miss that key midnight and 1 a.m. skin regeneration window.
Enriched with a powerful multi-active complex such as glycyrrhiric and hyaluronic acid working to regulate epidermal differentiation, Idéalia Skin Sleep visibly recreates the effects of regenerative sleep on skin.

Doesn't that sound amazing? I had a chance to try these amazingly promising products via ChickAdvisor product review club. Thank you ladies!

This amazing campaign package came with Idealia Life Serum and Idealia Skin Sleep.
I have tried Serum prior this campaign and I really like it. It's little different from all the other serums I have tried and seen. Mostly it's texture - creamy unlike other clear liquid ones. It also feels like cream when applied only very, very light one. Absorbs practically right away and leaves a light "pixie dust" shimmer. Very elegant scent and packaging along with the performance.
I use it in the morning routine, after I have washed my face with cleanser.

Idealia Skin Sleep was the product I really wanted to try. And before I continue, I must say, it's my new favorite night cream.
Cream comes in amazing container with mirror built into the lid, not only it adds uniqueness to the product but also convenience. Texture is almost like combination of gel and cream. Has the Idealia product line signature scent - soft floral. It disappears very quickly so it won't be distracting you. Cream is easy to apply and it also absorbs pretty quickly, leaving a protective layer with some shine. It doesn't feel heavy on my skin and is very moisturizing. Another important thing is that it didn't irritate my skin - so powerful and gentle at the same time.
Idealia Skin Sleep night cream is the last product I use before bed, after I have completed my skin care routine. Without a doubt I can say - Vichy Works For Me. In the morning no matter how early I wake up, skin doesn't look tired and is fresh and plumped with no evidence of puffiness nor pillow creases. It will have little bit of shine though, but daytime face routine takes care of that.
I would highly recommend to give this product a try. Let me know your thoughts on it. 

You can find more information about products on Vichy webpage by clicking here. And read more reviews on products here.
*I received products free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Coppertone Sunscreen Sensitive Skin SPF50

Summer is here and so is the bright sun that we all love so much. Unfortunately our skin fears it and seeks a good protection. It's our job to remember to protect it.
No one wants s to be sitting inside when the weather is so beautiful and that's where sunscreens come handy. There are so many in the market and finding the right one might be a whole journey.

Today I will talk about my experience using Coppertone Sunscreen Lotion for sensitive skin specially made for face with SPF50, that I was given an opportunity to try via Chickadvisor amazing campaign (click here if you want to find out more about Chickadvisor and how to become one of their influensters). 

This sunscreen is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, contains naturally sourced zinc oxide, is free of dyes, oils and alcohol. It's specially made for sensitive skin, so it won't irritate skin, nor will it cause breakouts.

Cream is thicker than I imagined it to be and has white creamy texture. All you have to do is just to massage it all in. It will leave some shine on your face, nothing that a light powder can't hide though. Feels light on skin, so no problems using it under your makeup. 

Instructions suggested to apply the sunscreen 15 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every 2 hours. And you will also need to reapply it after 80 minutes of swimming or sweating. It shouldn't be a problem as cream comes in a nice little container, that you can easily have on a go with all the other summer essentials.

It is also important to remember few of these tips:

  • Do not burn :)
  • Seek the shade, especially between 10A.M. and 4P.M.
  • Use sunscreen with SPF15 or higher every day
  • Remember to reapply the sunscreen every 2 hours
  • Wear UV blocking sunglasses
  • Keep an eye on your birthmarks.
And just in general, remember to take care of yourself and your skin. 
Go to Coppertone webpage, by clicking here, if you want to learn more about this and other products they offer. 

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Infrared Knee Support Sleeve

Few weeks ago I got selected for Tomoson Infrared Knee Support Sleeve campaign. 
I have been suffering with my knee pains here and there for years now. Usually they appear along with high intensity exercising and running. Anything that would help me to deal with it is something I'm willing to try. 
This knee support sleeve promises to aid with sports injuries, suppress chronic pain, or to provide the needed compression during sports activities etc. 

This is what company has to say about its products uniqueness:
"Free range of motion, stays firmly in place: designed for maximum comfort, there are no hard edges, instead the elasticized fabric is ergonomically designed to provide the needed compression and support while keeping the maximum possible comfort. This product is made with activated Black Turmaline, a naturally occurring semi-precious crystal, containing Baron and complex silicate minerals - known as "Electric Stone" - as it has been shown to produce a weak electrical charge, which is what enables it to produce and emit Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and Negative Ions. Before the Tourmaline is infused into the fiber it is crushed into powder and altered at the nano-scale to better react with lower temperatures (your own body temperature) to safely emit the Far Infrared Rays." 
I was surprised to see that company sends out a pair of sleeves, usually you buy them by piece, so this way it comes up to a great value - $34.95 for both. 

Knee support sleeve that looks and feels like no other. Very cute design/pattern and it's soft with no hard parts in it. Didn't give much of a trust at first, but it worked and works. It actually gives a good support and stop my knee pain. 
I try to run pretty regularly but often I'm limited because of my knee pain. I've been using this product for few weeks now and I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to finish my desired amount of km without unpleasant knee pain. 
It also gives almost like a warming sensation, but not unpleasant. 
I gave it to my fitness instructor to try it, as she also suffers from knee pain and she was impressed with its performance, and is ready to make a purchase.
So I feel confident by recommending it as it worked for me and my trainer. And if you also suffer from unpleasant knee pain, I hope it will help you too. 

Product can be purchased on Amazon by clicking here.
*I receive product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.


- Born Pretty Goodies -

Little white ago I was approached by Born Pretty Store representative and got invited to check their website and choose products I would like to try and review.
Pretty exciting right!? YES! That's what I'm saying.

I was very excited to receive my package and try these very affordable and new for me makeup products. 
First products I tried were eye shadow and a liner. 
Products have a very cute packaging and look. Let's see how and if they work well.
Eye-shadow palette is very cute. So are the shades. Besides the great palette, I love the texture and appearance of the eye-shadow - matte but at the same time very pigmented.

Very easy to apply and feels so light, almost silky. Last a good while without fading. 
I love how on the back of the packaging you can find color combinations to created different looks. Tried and enjoyed both of them.

This look was created using: 1st from top line, 2nd from bottom line, 3rd from top line and 4th from bottom line

Second, warmer in colors and more noticeable look:
1st from bottom line, 2nd from top line, 3rd from bottom line and 4th from top line.

Did I mentioned how cool looking the packaging is? It has a little hidden mirror, that will help you create your look on a go.

Liner states to be waterproof and it sure is. Brush has a hard tip, that makes application process very easy. Shape of the tip allows you to draw different lines - thinner or thicker, which ever you prefer.

Quick to dry and stays perfect all day long. That really surprised me, as cheaper brands usually fail in 'long lasting" aspect. Only thing that I found bothered me a little was some sheen to the color when it dried up. But other than that - amazing and very affordable product.

So far so good! 
I always wanted to try false eyelashes so I thought that this would be a great opportunity for me to give it a try. 
In a packaging lashes look very bold and full with volume, let's see how easy it is going to be for me to blend them with my own.
I watched few youtube videos prior applying my first false eyelashes, it was much easier than I thought. Glue dried up pretty quickly and lashes looked awesome. I managed to hypnotize myself haha. My eye lids felt little heavier and it took me a little while to get use to extra volume and weight. Lashes lasted all day and I had no problem taking them off. For price like that I would repurchase the product or even look for a different style as website has lots of different styles and looks to offer. 

Overall I'm very satisfied and impressed with quality and appearance of these product. It's not that often when you can get products for low coast but great performance at the same time. 
I recommend to browse BornPrettyStore website and maybe you will find something that caught your attention and interest. Please don't hesitate to share your experience in comment box below. 

And here is little something for you guys. Go ahead and take advantage of this great offer from Born Pretty Store. It's a 10% discount code for your order. We might be doing some giveaways too. Stay active and I will keep you posted ;)

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"Skinny Teatox is a detox which uses the combinations of special teas to promote good health and weight loss. Benefits for many include weight loss, boosted metabolism, increased energy levels and a suppressed appetite.
Skinny Teatox includes a combination of Daytime Tea and Evening Tea. The Daytime Tea consists of a variety of extremely healthy herbs, while the Evening Tea is blended with premium Alexandrian Senna leaf. The Senna plant is used in both herbalism and modern medicine due to the plant's high levels of sennocides, which have a mild laxative effect to naturally cleanse and detoxify your digestive system." 
That is how Skinny Teatox company describes their product. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it?
Teatox is very hot and popoular right now, there are so many companies advertising their products as the best with the best outcome and results. It is impossible to try them all, and that's where reviews come in handy.
I was happy when I got selected to try this product via BrandBacker as I'm also looking for that right tea, that would fit my body and needs perfectly. 
All natural detox tea, sounded perfect, unfortunately, this is not the one for me. I was little upset that it didn't work. I had my hopes high after reading all the great reviews on Skinny Teatox website

My Skinny Teatox 14day package included cute Strawberry Tea Infuser, loose leaf morning tea and 7 evening tea bags (as you are suppose to drink it every other evening).

Instructions were very clear and easy to understand. Tea infuser made the process even easier and hassle free, no loose leaves in your mouth. Taste was amazing. I really loved the tea. It wasn't bitter, actually tasted pretty light, aromatic. I could those as my regular teas, that's how good they tasted. 

Unfortunately without promised results for me. 
None of the promised cleansing happened, nor did I felt any metabolisms boost. I have tried a different teatox few months ago and I didn't have to wait for action take place.. That's why, after using this one for full 14days I can say, that this is not the teatox for me, as i could not feel any difference/change in my everyday routine, nor I could see any results. 

I received product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.
14 day Skinny Teatox didn't work for me, but we all are different, so if you feel like giving it a try, go to their website by clicking here and see if you can find product that would fit your needs.

*Powered by BrandBacker

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Beauty Is Timeless

Today on a menu I have a 180 Cosmetics Pure Swiss Hyaluronic Serum + Vitamin C. This product found me through Tomoson.com review site campaign. 
I'm always interested in new brands and/ or products. So now with serums being so popular I though this would be an interesting campaign in the name of research.

So this is what company says about themselves: "180 Cosmetics Pure Swiss was created to offer the most effective, innovative skin care solutions to women and men of all ages. Its positioning focuses on the premium market, offering three lines of products which are all clinically approved. This brand's products were designed to bring a new approach to costumer's needs, and to be the market leaders in effective skincare, that provided real and visible results." 
"Reverse the signs of aging with the highest quality of Swiss Hyaluronic serum complimented by natural ingredients and enriched with vitamin C.
As we age, the body produces less and less hyaluronic acid, thus affecting how moisture is stored in the skin. Ultima Pure Swiss Hyaluronic Serums works to mend that by providing the skin with nourishing ingredients it needs to remain young and radiant. Penetrating deep into the skin and nourishing from the core, this serum brings back elasticity to your skin and reverses the signs of aging while protecting from free radicals."
Serum is recommended to anyone of any age and skin type interested in preserving and maintaining the skins natural elasticity and youthful qualities. 
Formulated without parabens, phthalates, petro-chemicals, GMO, triclosan, colors or dyes, never tested on animals, does not contain animal derived ingredients.
Great intro and promises from previously for me unknown company - 180 Cosmetics.

I was excited to receive and try the product, as I always am. 
I really like the packaging, it's simple and elegant at the same time. Bottle itself is from frosted glass with some gold elements.
I find it to be little too small though - 15ml/0.5oz. I use serum twice a day and this one I've been using for little less than a month, it has only 1/3 of serum left. That's little disappointing as I can't see myself buying serum every month.
Texture is much like other serum's I've tried. It's clear to your eye, little thick, not too thick though, easy to apply - covers desired area very easily, absorbs fast, has no smell to it. 

I find my skin condition to be good and mostly I'm using skin care products just to maintain the healthy and youthful look. So after using this serum, I can't say it erased my wrinkles and made my skin look 10 years younger, because that's not what I'm looking for. Serum works good but there's nothing special or extraordinary about it. My skin is pretty sensitive, so I was happy about quality of the serum, as my skin didn't developed bad reaction or rash. 

To put it all together, I would probably recommend it to someone just starting or thinking about use of serums. As the price is welcoming and size is good enough for trial run. This way you won't spend lots of money on a more popular brand serums that also tend to come in bigger sizes, so if the product or concept of serum doesn't suit you, you didn't waste much money nor product. 

To find more information on company and products they offer click here.

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