Mini makeover

I always looked at those makeover station in cosmetic stores and was wondering how do they pick and whom do they offer the service. I was curious what colors or styles would make-up artist choose for me and how do you get to be one of the lucky ladies sitting there and being pampered.

You just have to ask, yes, that's what I found out today :) Just ask for makeover and pay $0! Amazing! I found myself in Sephora store today and decided to ask, and minute later I was sitting in my "Diva chair". My make-up artist Abby was very pleasant and knowledgeable. I got smokey eye look, that looked super natural and "light". Very simple to duplicate, I even got a cheat sheet. I was surprised how much it made my eye color to pop. I was introduced with some products who's use was new to me. Overall I was and am very impressed and satisfied for service I received. Different and amazing experience. Definitely will go back for more and see their other offers. Today's experience was little step outside my routine and that always feels amazing :)

Products that were used to create this amazing and simple look were: 

Thank you Sephora and Abby for the great experience and service you provided for me today.  



When you have a busy and needy toddler on your hands, there are times when you realize that you have no idea what time of the day it is, or even what day it is, good that you succeed remembering a year we're living in. First world parenting problems :)
When you have a time to bake yummy muffins (click on link for recipe) and actually enjoy them with great cup of coffee (Folgers Caramel Drizzle), you know life is good and I shouldn't be complaining :)

That was yesterday though, today is a new day and a new coffee to review :)
So today's Keurig coffee choice was Van Houtte Midnight Express.

I was not impressed with this coffee. It's a dark roast, and I usually like dark roast a lot. Coffee with heavy body, strong and great aroma, but in my opinion has bitter after taste. I didn't taste promised fruity notes and didn't find it to be smooth. The best about this coffee is name. Unfortunately my review ended up to little bitter. I might give this coffee another chance another day :) 

- "With enough coffee anything is possible" -  


Batiste Dry Shampoo

I got this product from Chickadvisor as part of Product Review Club Offer.

I was very excited to try it. As I was so interested in dry shampoo products for so long, but never could decide on a brand and kind. Thank you, Chickadvisor, for offered opportunity.

Batiste Dry Shampoo I received came in nice and compact size. Perfect on a go or great for a trip/vacation.

I decided that today would be a perfect day to try it out as my hair is little oily and could use a hair wash. Instructions read, nothing complicated - very easy to use. Smell is great, I would say somewhere citrus-y. Doesn't have that traditional hair care product scent, that I was pleasantly surprised about.

I will add photo, I don't know if you'll be able to see the difference, I hope you will :)
Overall my experience with it was great and it worked as promised!! I was surprised that not only my hair doesn't look oily they also gained some volume!! Definitely worth having, for those times when your hair needs refreshing and hair wash is not an option!

My best friend was waiting for me to try this product, as she washes her hair everyday, I can let her know now that it works!! Thanks to the Batiste Dry Shampoo, she probably will be able to sleep in few mornings now :)



Relaxing evening with some tea

After a busy morning/day it's time for little relaxation with nice cup of tea. Moroccan Style Green tea from PC suits this day perfect.
At first I want to share my today's excitement. I spent my morning in audience for Marilyn Denis show. It felt so different to be on the other side of the TV. New and great experience with escape from everyday routine :)

So back to my tea report :)
Its a fantastic green tea with great spearmint, peppermint flavor. Very rich aroma, filled my kitchen in no time. Very refreshing and smooth taste with sweet aftertaste. Never thought that I would buy tea K-cups as I find them to be too pricey, but I got this one on sale and I'm very satisfied!



Today's choice of K-cup is Timothy's Breakfast Blend.

This coffee has combination of Costa Rican and Guatemalan coffee beans. Has a little sweetness with smooth taste to it. Very classic breakfast blend. I prefer my coffee with little more boldness to it though. But overall good and very aromatic coffee. Kind of a blend that is safe to be served to your guests when you don't know their coffee preference.


Coffee time

Coffee of the day today is Van Houtte Colombian.

Good coffee to start your morning with. Medium roast, doesn't have boldness I prefer. But very smooth, balanced flavors and acidity. Has sweet-ish aftertaste. Great aroma. Overall very classic taste. Piece of dark chocolate with afternoon cup would compliment it wonderfully. Would recommend to give it a try. Cheers!

Crafty weekend

Good morning.
Busy weekend is behind and now its time for little Family Day relaxing :)
I hope everyone survived Valentines Day madness.

I forgot to post my daughters Valentines Day craft made for daddy. We were working on little painting card that I started last year. Then she was too young to cooperate (I barely got those foot prints from her :) ), so I wasn't able to finish the project. This year I found it and thought it would be a great idea to continue it until she's in the age to tell me: "Its done!" I thought its a fun project to do. And in couple more years daddy is going to receive an amazing art work filled with love collected through the years :)

Crafting with kids is amazing! It doesn't coast much, most of the time you're able to use materials that are scattered around the house or pay your local Dollar Store a visit. Voila - fun times and amazing results!

More craft reports might come your way, as it's Family Day :)


When the weather outside is frightful

Yeah, when the weather outside is frightful, I still make myself to wake up for Metro Life Fitness workout and put those muscles to work. With long weekend ahead of us, trainer Emma doesn't take it easy on us. I predict more sore muscles in my near future :) 
With extreme temperature in Toronto today, I thought that my sweat might freeze on me while walking home. I was fast enough though, got home before it could happen. Ha ha.

To celebrate Friday, my Keurig morning coffee pick was Van Houtte Vanilla Hazelnut. Coffee filled my kitchen with sweet and strong aroma, that scared me a little, as I'm not sweets biggest fan. What was I expecting, choosing vanilla hazelnut, I had to know that it will be sweet flavored coffee.. Oh well.
Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised that coffee didn't have that overwhelming sweetness to it. I actually didn't taste vanilla as much as I tasted hazelnut that overpowered all the other components. But it was good, smooth coffee with moderate sweet-ish aftertaste. I will probably have an another cup of coffee very soon, as it didn't give caffeine fix this early morning mamma needs so much :)



Coffee of the day

So today's coffee is from Folgers Gourmet Selection - Black Silk. Mmmmm, so far my favorite from K-cups. It's full-bodied dark roast with bold taste and smooth finish. Black silk indeed. Also has that addictive coffee aroma to it. Compliments to Folgers, this coffee got my attention :)

Happy Thursday!


Today's coffee (little late, I know)

So today's pick for my Keurig coffee morning was Green Mountain coffee Lake & Lodge Week-end.
It's not a bad coffee, more of an average every day rather than week-end.. Don't get me wrong, coffee is good, just nothing special (description promised me "that extra special something"). It's smooth dark roast blend that doesn't have bitterness to it. I think after reviews and descriptions I had read, my expectations were higher than satisfaction this coffee delivered.

Tomorrow is a new day and a new coffee to try! :)

What a wonderful day!

I love those early morning workout days! You fight with your sleep for a little bit, hopefully you win and then it just gets better from there. I always find myself fully charged after working out, that's that energy exchange that we all need so much.

Today after couple months break I finally went back to my Metro Life Fitness boot-camp ( rated one of the best fitness bootcamps in Toronto) I love so much. Here is link to their blog, check it out and get inspired http://ronceymetrolifefitness.blogspot.ca/. Emma is a great trainer that won't let you catch your breath and that is exactly what you want going to your goal and achieving results. My muscles will be screaming her name tomorrow :)

In my pretty Gaiam Tree Of Life Water Bottle (my rewards prize from https://www.bestliferewarded.com/home.aspx ) I have an amazing Vega Sport pre-workout mix, recommended by Emma. It help you to stay focus during your workout. I use sugar-free lemon lime flavor - and I'm liking it! :)


Keurig morning

As I'm new to Keurig world, its all about exploring right now.
Trying to find my favorite flavors, coffee brands and possible savings.

So this morning I'm treating myself with Folgers Gourmet Caramel Drizzle.

I usually don't choose flavored coffee, but with this one - it's name just sucked me in - caramel drizzle - mmm. I'm not disappointed, actually pleasantly surprised that it's not disgustingly sweet as a lot of flavored coffees might be. This one is not bitter, good coffee taste with a hint of caramel. 
Won't be my last cup of this kind.


Nail designs

Here you can check few of my nail designs I've done recently

Hello Blog World

I created this blog years ago, when I thought it would be a great way how to share my travelling experience, as that was my passion and I used to travel quite a bit. Some how I got busy living and enjoying my life without paying much attention to social media. As a result of that my blog got abandon by me.
Only very recently, I guess when I became stay at home mom, I remembered about its existence, my poor blog has only name and no personality :) I am giving myself a promise right now - make it alive!

Currently I'm living in Canada, was born in Latvia. Have a wonderful little family, that I love to pieces. At the moment, as I've already mentioned, I'm stay at home mom to awesome toddler girl.

This mamma love her coffee a lot (#coffeeaddict to its highest), finds hard time saying no to wine (and why would you say no to vino :) #winelove). Lately I realized that I really enjoy cooking (that's new for me, but I guess motherhood changes a thing or two or three ;) ). 
I can't see myself going through the day without music in it, if years ago it was strictly heavy metal, metal, alternative, rock, then today my mood dictates a lot, and it can be really anything. Over the years I learnt to open myself to new experiences not only in music. 
Even though I don't use a lot of make-up on daily bases, I enjoy to doll up with good and quality products, I try not to forget to take care of my skin, as we tend to damage it so much. 

I try to live healthy and active lifestyle, because similar to our skin, we forget to take care of our bodies and its so easy to hurt them. 

Okey, I think this is where I will stop today. I'm sure we will have a lot of time to know each other better.
Bye for now! :)