Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss

DIOR makes me weak in my knees.
I can't explain my obsession with the brand, but it's there. Is it because it's French? Elegant? Timeless? Classic? I could go on and on. 
Since little age, everything French, has special place in my heart. Dior is where French and beauty meets, so I guess that would explain mine affection. 

Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss is not just a lip gloss, but with Dior it doesn't really surprise. It is also a lip plumper.
This formula that is bursting with hyaluronic acid, gives lips a fuller look and long lasting moisture.

This miracle product offers three great qualities, benefits all at once. It's:

- Ultra glossy
- Ultra plumping
- Ultra hydrating

I love this formula, as, besides all the great qualities mentioned above, it doesn't have sticky finish. This lip gloss is very lightweight, which is amazing, as, I believe, we all want maximum performance and looks, without a feeling that you have tons of product on you.

18 addictive colours, created by Peter Phillips, Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup, and adjusted shade by shade to stand out as true fashion statements, with three different shine effects to choose from:*

  • Sparkling: Colour with a high concentration of glitter
  • Iridescent: Colour that radiates with fine, contrasting pearlescent pigments
  • Sheer: Clear, pure colour

Beautiful mirror shine with lots of glitter. Looks amazing on it's own or on top of a lipstick. Lipgloss feels super lightweight and as promised also delivers great long lasting hydration. It makes me feel happy when I wear it - Dior just has that effect on me.

 Natural light
Direct sunlight

Packaging with Dior never disappoints - it always looks so elegant and exclusive. It almost looks like it's made from a glass and has DIOR engraved on it. It has a crystal handled applicator, that is created to "maximize the glossy result and deposit the perfect dose on lips for greater precision of application, as easy and intuitive as ever."*

When, you happen to lick it by accident (wink), it, not only looks sweet, it also tastes sweet. 
Below you can see some swatches

Happy National Lipstick Day! 

- Stay Beautiful - 

* from Dior website