Vichy Skincare

Few weeks ago amazing Chickadvisor sent me this wonderful little package with full size Vichy products. Today I would like to share my experience with you guys. 
I received products that are ideal and suitable for dry skin.

Package contained: 
  • Purete Thermale Cleansing foam radiance revealer
  • Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream
  • Thermal SPA water

Purete Thermale Cleansing foam radiance revealer

Great product that is perfect for dry and sensitive skin. It's a lightweight cleansing foam, that is gentle, smells amazing and cleanses perfectly. 
Pump makes it very easy, hassle and mess-free to use. I like that just a little bit of product gets the job done. It's so easy to use and easy to rinse off.
After use, skin feels cleansed, fresh and looks radiant. 
And I absolutely love that product didn't leave my skin feeling dry as a lot of other cleansers tend to do that.

Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream
Here is what Vichy has to say about products new formula (Vichy website):
For the first time, Vichy Thermal Spa Water is combined with 3 new-generation energizing sugars to stimulate water movement from cell to cell for a fresher more radiant complexion. (Hyaluronic Acid: a leading replumping ingredient. AquabiorylTM: patented molecule that is ultra-moisturizing and amplifies the feelings of comfort, softness and soothes during and after application. λ-carrageenans: extracted from red algae, it locks in hydration to keep the water well-distributed.) The formula also contains Shea Butter to comfort dry to very dry sensitive skin. Non-greasy, non-sticky texture for a non-oily skin finish. 

Sounds really amazing. I can agree for it to be a great moisturizer for those with very dry skin.
I found it to be little too rich for my liking, especially for summer time. I didn't like it as a day cream. but I was using it for night time though - rich in texture but still lightweight.
Like all the other Vichy products that I have used, this one too, smells amazing. It has a very fresh, but not overpowering scent.

Packaging is really nice! It has a mirror lid, that I find to be a pretty awesome detail.
Cream is allergy tested and paraben free, so suitable also for those with sensitive skin.

I really like the product formula, so I think I will give it another try in fall or winter, when my facial skin will be more receptive towards richer products.

Vichy Thermal SPA water
Vichy's Thermal SPA water is a completely natural, unique ingredient recognized and used in pharmacology for its soothing, fortifying, and regenerative properties (Vichy website).

This water is rich with rear minerals and is so easy to love. I have been a huge fan of "spray water" (not sure if that's how they are called) for a good while now. And this Vichy Thermal SPA water is probably my favorite so far.
I have a dry skin and I'm not a huge fan of those hot summer days. So in summer "spray water" is with me all the time - that's how I can keep my cool on (literally and figuratively). And it's the best way to refresh the face without ruining my makeup.
Biggest difference between all the other ones I have used is that this one actually feels moisturizing. It's lightweight mist but has substance.
Product is allergy tested and is preservative free, so it will have great soothing effect on sensitive skin.
I also like to refrigerate it for a bit, for those crazy hot and humid summer days.

- Stay Beautiful - 

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I received products free of charge (thank you Chickadvisor and Vichy), but opinion is always my own


  1. Loved your review Grieta #VichyWorksForMe @Chickadvisor. Enjoy the Weekend xo

    1. AWESOME. Thank you! Have a fantastic weekend!