Tease with Teeez

Teeez Cosmetics - a brand that will bring a lot of joy and surprises. I just have the feeling.

Teeez Cosmetics is a European brand, created in the Netherlands in 2004. Their makeup is fun and bold, bright and different. It definitely stands out!

This is what they say about themselves:
"We are exclusive. Eccentric. And obsessed with fashion. Our passion is to continuously surprise and seduce you each season, where we invent a new kind of beauty."*
After reading this, it all makes sense now. A cosmetic brand that is obsessed and inspired by fashion. Does it get any better? 
Teeez fascination with fashion is noticeable not only in the products themselves but also packaging. It's so pretty and unique. 
Packaging is one of the many things that draws me to this brands. What's very different and super cute is that a few of the products even have a nice little message inside the packaging, which also makes it perfect as a gift. 

Colorful and amazing packaging

The Teeez Cosmetics product I'm currently loving a lot is Sealed With A Kiss Lip Duo in Orchid Spirit. It looks like a bullet and will blow your mind away.

Best kind of bullet

This amazing lipstick is from their Sugar Rush collection and comes in 16 different shades. As I mentioned above, mine is in Orchid Spirit. 
As the name would suggest, you get 2 in 1. One end gives you intense matte with amazing pigment and coverage, and the other end delivers a super glossy look.

Intense Matte

Super Glossy

I like to apply the matte first and then glossy on top, as it gives my lips nice dimension and fuller lip look. 
Lipstick is long lasting (it really is), moisturizing and isn't sticky. That's like perfection. It has a sweet and almost fruity but light scent.

Matte and Glossy

Teeez Cosmetics launch a new collection each season, where every collection has a story to tell. I keep falling in love with the brand more and more, and can't wait to see what they will bring us next.

Dear Teeez, we will meet again very soon, that I know. I have a list of a few products, that I have my eye on. Keep surprising! 

P.S. At the moment Teeez Cosmetics are exclusively available at THE BAY or via TEEEZ COSMETICS website.

- Stay Beautiful - 

Gloss on top of matte = perfection


  1. Love the color you got, it's so fun and vibrant!

    1. Thank you! It really is! I love how you can play with it - creating intense or tender look :)
      P.S. Thank u for the comment ;)